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Event Instant Printing Services

Premium Photobooth

What's more, with our 8sec/print commercial grade printer, customised photo print out template, and large selection of interesting backdrops, our photobooth is bound to give your guests a great time, with memories of your event etched deeply!

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Roving Photography with Print

Focusing on posed group shots, our professional roving photographer will stay nimble on his feet and engage your guests, and bring out the best side of them! Perfect for event with space constraints for photobooth, or want a classier photo session.

Different lighting methods available to bring out the right vibe to the photos

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Live Event Instagram Printing

Crowdsource your photos! Its a social norm to take photos with handphone, give your guests more incentives to take more photos of your beautiful event by giving them a photo memento! Create your own Hashtag and gather all the photos taken at your event. What's more, the friends of your guests will also get to see the photos on their instagram pages! Be it product launches to boost sales, fundraisers to gain more awareness, or simply a private party for awesome fun, our Instagram Print station is scalable to meet your event needs.

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Table to Table Shot with print

Did you even get to see the digital copy of the table shot at the last wedding you attend? Impressed your guests with a printed photo memento, securing the lovely memories they have at your fabulous event. Instant printing at 8 seconds/print, they will be surprised they got the photos before desserts were even served.

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Photography and Videography Services

Event Photography

Planning an corporate event, Dinner and dance, parties, product launches, and need event coverage? Our team of photographers have the expertise and experience to  ensure all the right moments are captured. The high quality images captured are perfect to be used in marketing, human resources and publicity purposes. An dedicated gallery can be arranged for your guests to retrieve their photos.

Event Cinematography

Some moments are best kept static, many better captured in motion. We cater to corporate event coverage ranging from parties, to product launches to grand openings. The final video will be perfect for marketing, human resources, and publicity purposes

Wedding Actual Day Photography

Capture the most important memories of your beautiful wedding

Wedding Actual Day Cinematography

Wedding videography highlights. 

Optional Add-ons

Live Projection

Looking for interesting ways to entertain your guests? Bored of the typical childhood/wedding slideshow that keep running over and over again? Get our live feed to your event projector and showcase the wild photos of your guests taken at our photobooth or by our roving photographers? What's more, who don't love to see their faces on large screens?

Projector not included, separate charges applies for rental of our ultra short throw 100" projector, which takes up a very small space compare to the traditional projectors.

Childhood / Photo Montage Video

Modern and fun templates to present to your guests the story of your love life. Give thanks to people who is involved as you flourish with age. Entertain your guests with embarrassing photos of your childhood, and show off how well you have grow into.

View our childhood montage sample here